Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cynicism coming forth

If I didn't already think that we have too many people concentrating on too many small matters then the last few days would prove it. Instead of concentrating on the news from Iraq and debating what we're doing over there many are slamming Pelosi for requesting a plane. Never mind that the last few Speakers have all made the same request and had it granted for security reasons. And then there's the infamous Snicker commercial, but what about actual instances of being beaten because of one's perceived sexual orientation.

Let's look at where contracts are being given because of bribes. Let's look at corruption where it actually exists. Let's look at children who have been beaten up because they're percieved to be gay, lesbian or different. Let's look at bullying and homophobia where people are physically hurt.

Let's look for some solid food.

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