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Joe and Margaret - Friday, October 6, 2000

Friday, October 6, 2000

Now Ruth 4 made a lot more sense to Margaret. Hadn’t Joe taken her in and didn’t his great-aunt give her house to her. Joe and the rest of the family never seemed to think that she had taken anything away from them by inheriting the house and they knew she hadn’t gone around them to get it. Though the note Great-aunt Gwyneth had left puzzled all of them, they all seemed to think it was another one of her eccentricities like taking in homeless women and cats. And Joe read the passage so well. And then Margaret realized that she was going off on her own thoughts again instead of listening to Joe. What did Pastor Larry say about that? Oh yes, good women who listened to their husbands had a value beyond their weight in rubies. Well¼. Margaret knew she wasn't worth her weight in anything but shit, but she aimed to improve and one day would be worth something, even if not rubies, and prove a worthy steward of the house she'd been given. And her she was again not listening to Joe. Fortunately he didn't seem to notice and had moved onto a prayer.

"We ask you to listen to us. Heal me so that I can give Margaret the gifts she deserves and that I may not continue to deprive her of her marital necessities. Let me support Margaret as Boaz supported Ruth and may she have a child that will be a support to her - to both of us - in our old age."

He was thinking of her and was starting to realize how much she missed their congress. It was so strange, but not so strange. After all his care when she was still frightened that it would be a repeat of the bad old days - to realize that she enjoyed what she had hated Maybe someday they'd get back to what they had before his accident. He was praying for healing and it was good to hear what she had known.

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