Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Sunday, October 8, 2000

Sunday, October 8, 2000

Joe and Margaret arrived home from church exhausted. They had had a full day,. Joe sang in the choir for both services. Margaret had taught Sunday School for one hour, helped at the coffee hour between services, before getting to worship at the second service.

Joe said, “I liked Pastor Larry’s sermon on staying together and divorce being out of hardness of heart. I don’t think I could ever divorce you. But we’re still in love and will remain so “

Margaret took the roast out of the oven as she replied, “I really liked most of Pastor Larry’s sermon, but I don’t know as if I really wanted Pastor Larry to talk about me as the fallen woman who was taken back by Hosea. I may have been one, but I’m never going back to that life and I’m not in the least tempted to leave. Hosea’s wife may have been tempted by gold and jewels, but I didn't have much of either. With your help, and with God, I’m past what my life was. I’m just not like that woman and I don’t like Pastor Larry even discussing that I might return to that life.”

“I didn't think he was saying that and even if he did I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a bad sense. I thought he was praising you.”

“Yes, he was, but in a backhanded fashion. I felt bad no matter what he intended.”

“Now the pastor does know best. Since he didn’t intend to make you feel bad perhaps you need to work on being too sensitive.”

Lunch was silent. Margaret was thinking, if only the Pastor had stopped with referring to Mark 10, that passage from Hosea might have been o.k., but using me as an example just irritated me to pieces. But I am oversensitive. I’ve been that way since I got out of the life. Joe was so great about waiting until I was ready to have marital relations. And he is so attentive in waiting until I take the initiative even now. I guess I’m just bothered by nothing. But, you know, he isn't really responding even when I take the initiative. It must still be the accident bothering him.

After lunch Joe and Margaret began their Bible Study of I Samuel 2. Hannah’s rejoicing after her long period of barrenness seemed an encouraging sign -- so Margaret plucked up her courage and asked, “Can we talk about having children? I know both of us want them, but right now it doesn’t seem as if we’re doing anything to make it happen.”

“Margaret, I know I’ve asked to wait until I’m recovered from my accident. I just can’t do anything more than cuddle for awhile.”

But, Joe, can’t we talk to the doctor or something. I’m willing to wait for a season, but I need to know how you’re doing and whether this is permanent.”

“I’m not yet ready. I’ll talk about it when I am.”

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