Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sex and inheritance.

I've been reading the Red Queen by Matt Ridley this week and then came across an article that points out what actually is the fact about parenting and raising children. And the fact is that many children are raised by men who aren't their genetic progenitors. And this is important because it shows us what is really happening. Monogamy, fidelity and chastity are ideals to which we should hold, but we should realize that they may not happen as much as some people claim. The question for us, as Christians, should be how do we live with what really is rather than how do we condemn that which does not live up to the ideal.

Yes, every child should know their real father and be raised with him in the picture (as long as he's not abusive). But that doesn't happen, so how can we support children as they grow is the more important question. And that question is where we should spend our efforts rather than worrying about whether this family or that family looks like what we think a family should be.

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