Monday, April 16, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Margaret hoped that this would be the final mowing of the year. Not enough leaves had fallen to rake the yard and the mulching mower would take care of the ones that had fallen since the last time she raked. Tuesdays were her day to do yard work. It was a pleasure to get her hands dirty and grub around in the weeds. She felt that she had accomplished something meaningful when she saw the bare dirt where once there were weeds and thought of the flowers to come in spring. That she owned the house now doubled the pleasure.

The Bible passage today (I Samuel 18) had left Margaret wondering, she nearly forgot the mowing. Why did it say Jonathon loved David as his own soul? That sounded like what she thought she had with Joe. And then - the treatment of Micah. Sure there was that passage about a man leaving his parents for the woman, but where did it get to the parents giving away the woman. Did Michal even have a choice in who she married? What was that phrase Pastor Larry had used—about all things becoming clear to a spiritually alive person inspired by the Holy Spirit? She just must not be spiritually alive if she didn’t understand the Scriptures. She prayed daily that she would grow more and more into Christ, but so often she wondered about things Pastor Larry said were certain. She must still have a lot of sin clinging to her from her past before Christ to be so disobedient in thought.

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