Saturday, April 07, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Margaret got home from her home health care work and changed out of her dress to go rake the lawn. The leaves made a nice pattern she thought, but she didn’t want them sitting there all winter. She wondered if she should make some nice pantsuits. It was just too much to have to bathe someone while wearing a dress. Joe thought dresses were appropriate for her work, but he had never had to bathe and dress an adult. At least she didn’t think he had done that. She was just plain frustrated with dresses and doing her job. “Well thinking about dresses wasn’t getting the yard raked and I want to do that today.” Margaret thought as she changed into jeans.

When Margaret had finished the back yard Joe called her for supper. Tonight was meatloaf with a difference. Joe had used barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. Margaret thought how wonderful it was that Joe was experimenting. The meals were much improved from what she had done. But she wondered about complimenting him. Joe still seemed to think of cooking as woman’s work no matter how much he seemed to enjoy it.

After their Bible study Margaret continued to reflect as she cross-stitched the Christmas ornaments. “Such violence and loss. I wonder if I could bear losing Joe. I Samuel started out with such hope in the birth, but now Eli loses his sons, his own life and only a grandson is left. Maybe that’s what Joe fears since his accident. But, no, I can’t confront him yet again. I did that Sunday and I just have to wait until he’s ready to have children. Maybe if I talk about going on the pill we can start having proper marital relations. Cuddling is all well and good, but I want more. It’s strange when first we married I was so relieved that Joe was willing to wait while I recovered. I never had enjoyed sex, but now when I do I’m not plain tired of it but enjoy it. Oh well I’ll be patient. I’ll wait, Joe waited for me. I wonder why all the men were named but the wife of Phineas, who names her son, does not have one.

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