Monday, April 16, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

"Joe, this meatloaf is really different. It's good. What did you do to change it?"

"I just added some pork to the hamburger. You really did like it?"

"Yes, and I don't know if I mentioned that I also like last week's cheese in the meatloaf. You do so much better than I at cooking,"

"I suppose I do, but you still shouldn't have to do the yard work while I cook."

"I don't mind, I really enjoy the yard more than the kitchen. The kitchen has too many memories of starting cooking earlier than anyone should. And then there is the stuff that happened when my cooking wasn't what that man who fathered me thought it should be. I'm still working on forgiving him for that and am not what as good as Pastor Larry keeps on saying. I may have started out of that past but there are a lot of chains that still remain. They may be illusion, as Pastor Larry keeps telling us, but they don't disappear so easily. Those scars that man gave me are still here."

"I know those scars are still there, I can see some of them and feel still more every time I give you a massage."

"And since you - I can trust men. That's a great gift to me."

Margaret stopped there, she wondered if she should push for marital relations. I love the massages, but they're not enough. They're just not enough. I want more, not just sex, but fulfillment a recognition beyond kisses that I am a woman and an attractive woman. I've had enough sex to last a life time, but not enough marital relations for my needs, but I should submit myself to my husband until he's ready. At least he's not a fool. I know Joe was more concerned about the death of Samuel in our Bible study today, but I thought more of Abigail having to rescue her husband from his idiocy. Anyone and everyone knows that you pay off your protector.

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