Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Things I don't understand

Some commercials I don't get. Or rather I don't get why they're effective. We have a number of lawyers who are things like 'The Bulldog", "The Strong Arm", "The Man" and more. Does anyone believe that those nick-names are anything but self-imposed. Well, perhaps, someone else called them, but they seem enough of a gimmick that I'm not tempted to patronize that lawyer. Or another ad that gets me is for a particular college. This year for awhile - we had ads for 'Parks College previously Everest' or the other way around. They've changed their name about every three/four years. Now I have this funny belief that academic institutions that are quality don't need to change their name. Certainly some have, but it's usually to commemorate a large donor and that's clearly not what is happening here.

Do people remember the ads from year to year? I hope so. But I'm probably wrong or these same problematic ads wouldn't keep appearing. There's nothing illegal about them, I'm certain of that. They just smell.

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