Monday, April 16, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Saturday October, 21, 2000

Saturday October, 21, 2000

Saul seemed so bloodthirsty and money oriented, Margaret thought, as Joe read the chapter for the day. More interested in showing how tough he was unless it cost him cash. Just like most of the men she had known before Joe got her out of the life. She wondered, and why do I refer to it as the life when I'm a Christian and we talk of life in Christ. I really was dead before Joe brought me to church and yet I still call that time the life. Shouldn't the new life be more important in my life. And Pastor Larry was always talking about those who were spiritually anointed -saved by the Lord - never being cast out and yet here was Saul being called anointed and told he was no longer a king over Israel. Should I ask Joe about this or would it burden him too much? I can wait until he's better. He's so nervous these days. I suppose it's a reaction to the accident, but I thought he'd be better by now.

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