Sunday, April 01, 2007

Joe and Margaret - Thursday, October 5, 2000

Thursday, October 5, 2000

Ruth 3, Margaret thought, sounded a lot like her former life. Dressing up, waiting for a man to say what he wanted, going there on the direction of another, and getting food or money, it just didn’t sound like asking for help or asking for some relative to do what was right. But Pastor Larry had explained it as obedience, so she just must have a dirty mind. Considering her past life that wasn’t too surprising, she’d have to keep Pastor Larry from being aware of her thoughts, he used her as such a good example and she knew how she failed to live up to it. “Look how I’m already questioning his interpretation!”

Margaret noticed that Joe was praying and thought she'd better do that too. Joe had been spending a lot more time than usual in prayer since his accident. She figured she might do well to imitate his example. And here already she was focusing on Joe instead herself and not praying for Joe either but gossiping to God instead of confessing her own sinful nature. "God," she prayed, "you already know Joe's prayers even before he can voice them. Please let me be a good and supportive wife to him. You know how much he has done for me and I so want to repay him. Help me to be faithful and obedient, not to question Joe or Pastor Larry. For they are the head of the household just as you are head of the church. Joe looks so worn since the accident, he just doesn't seem to have recovered, help me to help him as he helped me so long ago. Give me the right words to say and the right things to do that I may be his helpmeet and support."

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